Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back...

What a lovely if hectic week away. Monday we left at 4am and drove up to Chester, stopping at my Mum's grave first to put some flowers and tidy it up, then headed over to see my friend Tracy and then a few hours later left to check into the hotel, L fell fast asleep as soon as we checked in so she had a nice snooze whilst we unpacked the cases and put our feet up for a few hours before heading off to see my brother and his wife for the evening.

Tuesday we went to see my Great Uncle and his wife, whom I hadn't seen in 12 years,we only expected to be there for a few hours but ended up going out for a Pub Lunch and then back to theirs again afterwards, we didn't get back to the hotel till half past 6!

We have been rather naughty and enjoyed a full English breakfast Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri thanks to the carvery next door to the travelodge for the first 3 nights and then to the B&B on the Friday, I've probably gained about 2 stone, but its been so worth it.

Wednesday we went into Chester to see my old workmates and then to show L the city and the river, which she enjoyed watching the boats for a while from the bridge.

We then met up with some friends and family in the evening for a meal at Frankie and Benny's, which was lovely apart form the bones I found in my Spag Bol....
Thursday we travelled up to Anglesey to see my eldest brother, his wife and one of his daughters, we spent a lovely few hours in Beaumaris visiting the castle and watching a Crabbing event on the pier.

Friday we left the B&B at 10am and got home in Kent at half 8:30pm......not funny. Traffic jams, Roadworks on Motorways, temporary traffic lights, you name it we went through it.

I will do a proper review of the Hotel and the B&B that we stayed in seperatley.

Today has been a bit of a weird day, I've felt relief to be home but at the same time depressed to be back here and away from my family and friends again.

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